Would You Rather? My Hero Academia Edition

This was inspired by The Spooky Red Head Blog‘s post, Would You Rather? MHA Edition.

Today’s post is a fun one. I saw The Spooky Red Head Blog’s post, containing a series of Would You Rather questions about the My Hero Academia anime. In this post, I’m going to give my answers to their questions!

Would You Rather…

1. Have Bakugou as your hero partner? OR Have to tell Recovery Girl that Deku broke more bones?

I suppose it depends on when Bakugou would be my partner, specifically when on his character development journey. In the early seasons, no way. He’s hot headed and angry, and not a team player. Season 5 onwards (in the manga leading up to the current chapter), yes. He’s grown so much. He’s still hot headed and angsty, but he’s more of a team player who’s calmed down a bit. I would not want to face Recovery Girl’s wrath when she hears Deku has broken more bones. She may seem like a sweet old lady, but I bet she has the ability to snap if she wished!

2. Be invisible like Hagakure? OR Have a ‘no sleep’ quirk?

When I was younger, I definitely would have chosen invisibility here. I wanted to be invisible at school (I’m 26 now), but if I had it now, I would find it incredibly lonely and irritating. I can’t imagine how Hagakure feels when people can’t really look her in the eye, as they can’t see her eyes. No one can see if you’re smiling or crying, and people might even forget you’re there if you don’t stick yourself into situations to remind people of your presence. I think I’d choose no sleep. Not sure how it would help me become a hero (assuming that’s what I’d be in this situation), but I’d rather that than be invisible. Although, if I could turn it on and off, invisibility may be my choice, but if it’s constant, then I choose no sleep.

3. Have Aizawa as your partner? OR Have All Might as your dad?

As much as I love All Might and think he’s adorable as a father figure (I’ve read far too many ‘Dadmight’ fanfics), I would choose Aizawa as my partner all day long. I love Aizawa so much. I have a figure of him on my bookshelf and everything. He’s probably my first anime crush, and given the chance, of course I’d choose him as my partner! He’s pretty chill and laid back, likes naps and cats, and although he acts like he doesn’t care, he really does, especially about his students. All plusses in my book!

4. Become a hero but you have to date Endeavor? OR Join the League of Villains but you have to date Dabi?

If I hadn’t caught up to the latest chapters of the manga, my answer may have been different, but I’ve seen a side to Dabi which had me utterly horrified and shocked. Fanon Dabi is much nicer and more lovable than Canon Dabi, to say the least. Who knows, maybe Endeavor wouldn’t be so bad, assuming he’s had his character development and is trying to change for the better. I absolutely despite the man, don’t get me wrong, but at least he’s seen the error of his ways and is trying his hardest to change for his family. I’d choose him over a heartless, psychotic murderer anyway.

5. Be Mirko’s Assistant? OR Be Kirishima’s PR manager?

I love Mirko, but I think she’s a bit too wild and energetic for me. I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with her! She seems the type to never sit still, to always be looking for the next biggest fight she can dive into, which is admirable, but at the same time, a bit too fast-paced for me. I think Kirishima, with his lovable and sweet personality, would be easier to work with. I doubt he would get any negative publicity, and would be the perfect client, so I’d choose to be Kirishima’s PR manager.

Make sure you check out The Spooky Red Head Blog!

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