Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vol 15

"So we don't know if the future in his prediction has changed... I can't accept it, All Might. No way. I'll... Whatever happens to you... I'll be there... changing fate by your side."- Izuku Midoriya to All Might A new and sinister enemy appears in the form of Chisaki Kai, the young leader of the... Continue Reading →

TV Show Review: The Mandalorian Season 2

"Wherever he goes, I go."- The Mandalorian about Baby Yoda Release Date: October 2020 Number of Episodes: 8 My Review ★★★★★ (Spoiler-Free) This was a pretty great season. Definitely an improvement upon the first, if that's even possible. The Mandalorian's journey is even more exciting this season, and focuses more on Baby Yoda and his... Continue Reading →

Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vol 12

Just giving you the answer doesn't count as good teaching. Think about it, kid! This isn't about right or wrong, so think for yourself... That eventual realization is key!- All Might Class 1-A is working on developing their ultimate moves—a process that will test their strength and creativity in all-new ways! To help them out,... Continue Reading →

Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vol 11

Feeling the sting on my cheeks was more than enough for me to realise that the sun had set on the era of All Might.- Izuku Midoriya Bakugo’s abduction by the League of Villains was a carefully calculated move designed to draw out the heroes—All Might in particular—and destroy them. Midoriya and his friends set... Continue Reading →

Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vol 10

Before we could even look...whatever happened was over in an instant. An instant? took less than a second! But it was enough time for that man to fill us...with an utter...fear...of death.- Izuku Midoriya The League of Villains has grabbed Bakugo, and the resulting negative publicity has thrown U.A. into a huge uproar. With... Continue Reading →

Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vol 9

"Doesn't matter whether I can or can't...because heroes...heroes stake their lives! Turning talk into action is what we do!!"- Izuku Midoriya It’s off to summer camp for Midoriya and the U.A. students! But this is no ordinary vacation—it’s high-impact training where the students are expected to develop their Quirks even further! The teachers have set... Continue Reading →

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