Manga Review: My Hero Academia – Vigilantes Vol 10

"Before the setting sun, I'll shatter into tiny shards of glass that pierce your heart. And every time you glimpse a sunset, you'll remember the girl you couldn't save."- Pop Step/Queen Bee Pop has emerged as the new Queen Bee, her transformation forced by the villainous Nomura, a.k.a. Number 6. At his direction, Pop begins... Continue Reading →

Manga Review: My Hero Academia – Vigilantes Vol 9

"Not alone, but together, as a duo or trio, we were ready for anything. Ready to save anyone. Starting with a single cat. That was our plan for someday."- Shouta Aizawa A villain incident when Aizawa was a student at U.A. changed him forever. Who could have known that fateful encounter would someday have an... Continue Reading →


To celebrate the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition's release, people have been sharing their customised versions of the game's artwork. * WARNING: There will be spoilers for all three games in this post. * Here's mine, and the choices I made to create it: Choice 1: Morality My Shepard was a Paragon, the epitome of goodness.... Continue Reading →

Roots of Insecurity

A My Hero Academia Fan Fiction Kirishima is riddled with self-doubt. Compared to everyone else, his Hardening Quirk is seriously underwhelming, and it’s starting to get him down. Bakugou notices something is off with his friend as Kirishima worms his way out of a movie night with the Bakusquad. He follows Kirishima up to his... Continue Reading →

Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vol 26

"I'm not looking for forgiveness. Just atonement."- Endeavor Hawks and the Safety Commission have managed to get their hands on some top secret information. A big villain attack is coming, and the heroes must do all they can to prepare. As part of these preparations, Eraser Head and Present Mic pay a visit to the... Continue Reading →

Fan Fiction Comments

The Do's and Don'ts of leaving comments on Fan Fiction Fan fiction is a wonderful thing. It gives both readers and writers a sense of freedom to explore different character ships, dynamics, plotlines, and so on. I both read and write fan fiction, and find it really fun to do so. I have many ships... Continue Reading →

Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vol 25

Our dead-end tale started picking up steam the point that no one could stop it.- Tomura Shigaraki Since the terrifying incident when Tomura’s Quirk manifested, only the greatest villain of them all, All For One, has been able to speak to the broken young boy’s heart. The consequences of that fateful meeting play out... Continue Reading →

Anime Review: Weathering with You

"I was rushing desperately, trying to reach the light. When I thought I did, I reached a dead end instead. Then I decided I wanted to enter that light. And at the edge of it, I found you."- Hodaka The summer of his high school freshman year, Hodaka runs away from his remote island home... Continue Reading →

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